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Cosmetic : fix documentation and compilation warnings.

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......@@ -45,22 +45,6 @@ INLINE_GROUPED_CLASSES = NO
# The SYMBOL_CACHE_SIZE determines the size of the internal cache use to
# determine which symbols to keep in memory and which to flush to disk.
# When the cache is full, less often used symbols will be written to disk.
# For small to medium size projects (<1000 input files) the default value is
# probably good enough. For larger projects a too small cache size can cause
# doxygen to be busy swapping symbols to and from disk most of the time
# causing a significant performance penalty.
# If the system has enough physical memory increasing the cache will improve the
# performance by keeping more symbols in memory. Note that the value works on
# a logarithmic scale so increasing the size by one will roughly double the
# memory usage. The cache size is given by this formula:
# 2^(16+SYMBOL_CACHE_SIZE). The valid range is 0..9, the default is 0,
# corresponding to a cache size of 2^16 = 65536 symbols.
# Similar to the SYMBOL_CACHE_SIZE the size of the symbol lookup cache can be
# set using LOOKUP_CACHE_SIZE. This cache is used to resolve symbols given
# their name and scope. Since this can be an expensive process and often the
......@@ -238,12 +222,6 @@ SHOW_NAMESPACES = YES
# If the sources in your project are distributed over multiple directories
# then setting the SHOW_DIRECTORIES tag to YES will show the directory hierarchy
# in the documentation. The default is NO.
# The LAYOUT_FILE tag can be used to specify a layout file which will be parsed
# by doxygen. The layout file controls the global structure of the generated
# output files in an output format independent way. To create the layout file
......@@ -466,12 +444,6 @@ HTML_COLORSTYLE_SAT = 100
# If the HTML_ALIGN_MEMBERS tag is set to YES, the members of classes,
# files or namespaces will be aligned in HTML using tables. If set to
# NO a bullet list will be used.
# If the HTML_DYNAMIC_SECTIONS tag is set to YES then the generated HTML
# documentation will contain sections that can be hidden and shown after the
# page has loaded. For this to work a browser that supports
......@@ -538,11 +510,6 @@ DISABLE_INDEX = YES
# By enabling USE_INLINE_TREES, doxygen will generate the Groups, Directories,
# and Class Hierarchy pages using a tree view instead of an ordered list.
# Use this tag to change the font size of Latex formulas included
# as images in the HTML documentation. The default is 10. Note that
# when you change the font size after a successful doxygen run you need
......@@ -583,7 +550,7 @@ PREDEFINED += WITH_HPP_FCL
# contain include files that are not input files but should be processed by
# the preprocessor.
# Configuration::additions related to external references
......@@ -50,7 +50,7 @@ namespace se3
using namespace se3::details;
Eigen::VectorXd fd_increment(model.nv);
for(int k = 1; k < model.joints.size(); ++k)
for(std::size_t k = 1; k < model.joints.size(); ++k)
const JointModel & jmodel = model.joints[k];
......@@ -201,6 +201,7 @@ namespace se3
}; // struct SpecialEuclideanOperation<2>
/// SE(3)
struct SpecialEuclideanOperation<3> : public LieGroupOperationBase <SpecialEuclideanOperation<3> >
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