Commit 619ff3a8 authored by Fanny Risbourg's avatar Fanny Risbourg
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export alphas

parent 7587c699
......@@ -191,10 +191,14 @@ class PlannerL1:
Retrieve the com and feet positions from the problem and result
:param: pb dictionnary with the format required by SL1M
:param: result result of the optimisation
:param: coms CoM result of the optimisation
:param: moving_foot_pos Moving foot result of the optimisation
:param: all_feet_pos All feet result of the optimisation
:param: alphas alphas
:return: com positions, moving foot positions and all feet positions
coms = []
alphas = []
moving_foot_pos = []
all_feet_pos = []
......@@ -203,6 +207,7 @@ class PlannerL1:
all_feet_pos.append([self.feet[i].dot(result[j:j + self.default_n_variables]) for i in range(self.n_effectors)])
moving_foot_pos.append(self.feet[phase["Moving"]].dot(result[j:j + self.default_n_variables]))
coms.append([j:j + self.default_n_variables]))
alphas.append(result[j + self.default_n_variables:j+self.__phase_n_variables(phase)])
j += self.__phase_n_variables(phase)
return coms, moving_foot_pos, all_feet_pos
return coms, moving_foot_pos, all_feet_pos, alphas
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